"Play is the vital essence of life. It is what makes life lively." -Dr. Stuart Brown

Elemental Hoop Dance Classes

  • Builds Body Awareness 

  • Builds Hand-Eye-Body Coordination 

  • Builds Body Awareness 

  • Builds Hand-Eye-Body Coordination 

This Elemental Hoop Dance class is for beginner and intermediate hula hoopers

A fun and energetic 75-minute hoop dance class focused on off-body and on-body foundational hoop dance movements, techniques, and sequences weaved into free flow dance.

Sweet Caroline is a certified Elemental Hoop Dance Teacher through Laura Larriva Page's The Rhythm Way

  • Reduces Stress

  • Nurtures Creative Self-Expression 

  • Fosters Self-Empowerment  

  • Cultivates Joy    

  • Promotes Self-care    

  • Cultivates Trust

The Hula Hoop Girl is an Embodied Movement Meditation Self-Care Body Play Practice that guides women to reconnect to their own natural born rhythm while feeling empowered to self-resource & self-express through the gateway of the body. The Hula Hoop Girl's mission is to guide women to connect with their joy, protect their joy, practice their joy, share their joy, and dance in the center of their joy, through transformational body play practices of hoop dance, ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation, mentorship, and education. 

I will guide you through sun salutations warming up the spine, off-body and on-body hoop dance movements, tricks and technique, hoop dance free flow, meditation, and reflection, while weaving in the metaphor of the Air/Earth/Fire/Water/Space Element for inspiration of our self-expression of our own unique movements and flow.

Hoop Dancing supports balance of the mind, the body, and the Spirit through self-expression. -C.S.

The Benefits of Hoop Dancing Are Endless and Include:

  • Burns 300-400 calories an hour    

  • Offers an Intense Cardiovascular Workout  

  • Promotes Wellbeing    

  • Tones the Whole Body  

  • Develops Physical Balance and Coordination    

  • Improves Flexibility

  • Sassy Layered Yoga Clothes (we will be sweating!) 

  • Comfortable shoes or you can dance bare foot  

  • Water Bottle  

What to Wear/Bring:

"Movement play lights up the brain and fosters learning, innovation, flexibility, adaptability, and resilience. These central aspects of human nature require movement to fully be realized."

-Dr. Stuart Brown