Cadence Clare Feeley

Creator of Cadencia Photography

An internationally recognized photographer, Cadence loves to travel the world hoop dancing and hip hopping while capturing the true essence of each being she photographs in authentic motion. You will find her on the island of Maui with her sweet dog Zoey, enjoying time with her friends, and at festivals practicing the art of dance. If you have ever dreamed of having incredible photos taken of you, seek this talented wild woman out. To say she is an amazing photographer is an understatement!

Ayesha Reynolds

Creator of The Girlfriend Manifesto

Ayesha is a life coach, a magical manifesto, a sweet authentic girlfriend, who is at the service of women’s empowerment. Her dharma in life is to live a big amazing, full, adventure, loving, radical life. Her joy and offering are to help women do the same! She works with individuals and small groups watering seeds of intention. Her offerings have been described as fertilizer for women’s dream life. She simple and powerful tools to provide guidance in creating lasting change for her client’s earth walk. Her greatest pleasure in life is serving as guide and witness in seeing her clients blossom.

Melissa Rutigliano

Creator of The M.A.R.S. Lab & Box Talk

Melissa Rutigliano is the creator of The M.A.R.S Lab, a bad ass boutique for dreamers with an edge. Style shoots & Unique jewels created with intention and love in a tiny studio in Hawaii. In her travels all over the globe, Melissa collects natural pieces to create new, raw, one-of-a-kind jewelry that symbolizes earth wisdom, the wild woman, and the sacred feminine. Melissa is also the creator of Box Talk a Podcast where real women have real conversations as a radical act of self love and sisterhood. She is a beautiful hoop dancer and a leader within the circle of the awakened feminine. &

Aya Iwasaki Papaya 

Creator of AyaPapaya

Creator of AyaPapaya, Aya embodies beauty, strength, and grace. She creates clothing and body adornments made with love to adorn the wild woman, awakening the goddess within. She is a hoop dancer, a flow artist, and a movement guide holding retreats in Hawaii. Check out her beautiful offerings, they are sure to make you feel like the goddess you are!

Phenomenal Women

Laurel Prince

Healer, Dancer, & Writer

Laurel Prince is a Registered Nurse at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Medical Center Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center. She serves as patient advocate and healer for patients experiencing advanced heart failure, pre and post-op heart and lung transplants, coronary artery bypass surgery, pulmonary hypertension and cancer. She has practiced Yoga for over 10 years and recently in 2015 was introduced to the healing art of hoop dancing as an embodied movement meditation self-care body play practice to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue and has experienced a powerful personal transformation through the practice of joy replenishment through body play. 

Laurel attended Hoop Camp Retreats in 2015 with her hoop dance teacher and colleague Caroline Sánchez. At this amazing retreat, Caroline and Laurel met with nurses in attendance. It was through the interaction with nurses at this retreat where Caroline, creator of The Hula Hoop Girl had the inspiration to form a community of nurses who practice flow arts for self-care and the Flow Arts Nurses Association (FANA) was born. Laurel is an inspirational writer, healer, dancer, and author for the Flow Arts Association.

Rachel Alaia

Creator of Wild Soul Wellness

Rachel Alaia is the creator of Wild Soul Wellness where she serves as a guide, empowering women to connect with their own unique wellness journey through the wilderness. She holds nature and a woman’s own wild nature, as the most powerful healers in a woman’s earth walk. In every movement of Rachel’s guidance, her clients will feel the rootedness of the dance of nature as the true teacher. Her deepest intention is to carry out her soul work in teaching women to listen deeply, trust and follow the call of her own wild soul. Rachel works from a new paradigm of health, one that understands wellness as an intricate connection with the intelligence of nature, and she will guide you to reawaken the innate wisdom each woman already possesses.

Laura Anne Larriva Page

Creator of The Rhythm Way

An internationally recognized movement guide, amazing hoopdancer, and an advocate of the Earth, Laura Anne (a.k.a. Shakti Sunfire) blends her deep love of conscious dance, classical Tantra, archetypal psychology, mythology, ecology, and the study of many nature-based traditions into powerful, embodied explorations of Soul. All designed to coax the whole human experience back from cultural exile, and to catalyze, systemic shift in the lives of all who dare dream of flowering.

Tulasi Adeva

Creator of Rock Your Juicy Life

Tulasi is a soul centered, body-centric mentor and coach committed to living a connected and authentic life. She is an awakening woman taking a stand for the rebalancing of energy in the world. Her unwavering commitment to her own clarity, confident self-expression, heart-centered leadership and embodied self-awareness is the foundation of how she lives, loves and serves. Tulasi is dedicated to an embodied revolution where each and every single human being trusts themselves at the deepest level and create and contribute to life, guided by the wisdom of the body. Tulasi guides those who are overwhelmed to create empowered, authentic, soulful lives. She provides a safe and grounded space for her clients to discover the richness of their own body wisdom. With Tulasi’s guidance, her clients have expressed feeling more connected to their bodies, aligned with purpose, and inspired to engage their lives with authentic clarity and confidence. She is a wonderful woman, who is rooted in her service as a guide. She will compassionately guide you back home to your soul-work in the world and facilitate your own self-empowerment to share your unique gifts with the world! 

Sarah Durham Wilson

Creator of Do It Girl

Sarah Durham Wilson also known as Do It Girl is a modern Priestess, writer and women’s leader. She works with women worldwide to awaken the feminine healer within. Formerly a rock journalist, Sarah sped through a whirlwind five years at rolling stone, VH1, GQ, Vanity Fair, and Interview Magazines. When Sarah returned to her childhood home in Martha’s Vineyard, she experienced a spiritual awakening. She immersed herself deeply on the path of the Goddess into the deep and dark divine feminine, and travelled to Hawaii, the Kripalu Center Amrit Yoga Institute, and finally back to the island where her healing writing began to flourish under the pen name DoItGirl. She leads courses and retreats to actively engage women in healing the Self to heal the world, and the intention of the art she offers to the planet is to raise the energy of the feminine back in the bodies of men and women and, therefore, the body of the Earth itself. She believes once a woman moves inside of herself to heal her own body, she rises to heal the body of the world.

Jess Carmen Young

Performer | Teacher | Holistic Nurse

Jess Carmen Young is an improv dancer, art activist and the founder of
Attunement Movement, LLC a global initiative for creative empowerment, based in Portland, Oregon. Jess’ mission is to inspire others to explore what brings them into a place of joy and creativity and act on it with empowered devotion. Jess teaches, through the medium of movement, what it means to reveal one's wild soul by fostering safe containers for exploration, authenticity and vulnerability.
The soul pours through the body, like water through a vessel, when one is present for the magic of the moment.

"Play is the vital essence of life. It is what makes life lively."

-Dr. Stuart Brown

Jessica Quinn 

Creator of Be Nutritious 

Jessica Quinn's is a Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Therapist on the island of Maui and internationally. She is the creator of Be Nutritious where she provides nutritional consultations, personalized cleanse programs, and food-delivery services for her clients, leads and co-leads yoga/cleanse workshops and retreats, teaches nutrition and cooking classes, acts as a personal chef and caterer for retreats, administers seasonal guided cleanses, and creates Wellness Programs for resorts. Her work in service of humanity and Mother Earth, continues to be influenced by the Chinese and Ayurvedic models of wellness, while integrating high alkaline diet, proper food combining meals, as well as a daily breathing, meditation, and exercise practices to achieve optimal balance within our health and happiness.  Her mission is to serve as educator and guide sharing the power of medicinal qualities of foods and herbs that create the foundation for a healthy fulfilled life, by  integrating her acquired knowledge that is influenced by world renowned nutritional teachers, so to bring back this knowledge and experience into local communities and into the lives of children.

You can find Jessica offering conscious and healthy resources, classes, cleanses, workshops, and retreats for clients willing to further advance their healing and happiness. For healthy happy living, connect with Jessica Quinn. Be Nutritious, Be Happy, Be Free.

Mia Vaughness

Creator of Good Neighbor Gardens

Mia Vaughnes is the creator of Good Neighbor Gardens. Her soul service is rooted in serving as a guide for people to work together, side by side to regenerate not only ourselves but our earth community. Good Neighbor Garden’s mission is to grow and distribute food to those in the city of San Diego, to educate people how to grow their own food, and to serve the underserved. Good Neighbor Gardens farm yards and schools in San Diego homes to deliver organic, locally grown, pesticide-free produce through a CSA model with a space-efficient, eco-friendly, and community minded operation, in which everyone within the communities of San Diego stand to benefit. She was raised by a growing and foraging family. Mia believes that we are at a critical time in the world where we are living in communities that are socially disconnected and health starved. She believes in a life-giving unifying force that food tastes better when shared.

Kadia Saraf

Actress, Yogini, Dancer, Women's Empowerment Movement Guide

Born in Bern, Switzerland, the daughter of a Jazz musician of a Yemeni-Israeli father and Peace Activist Swiss mother, Kadia Saraf is a dedicated bad ass actress, an Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher, a fitness trainer, a writer, a dancer, a woman’s advocate, and a strong and dedicated single mother of 3 beautiful children. Her acting is expressed through the flow arts of combat, full contact martial arts, kickboxing, swords, firearms, and archery. She leads workshops in New York, guiding women to connect to their her story, their ancestral intelligence, their physical intelligence, and their emotional intelligence in creating more abundance in all areas of their lives.