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Holistic Coaching & Mentoring for Nurses, Nursing Students, & Nurse Entrepreneurs

Holistic Nurse Empowerment Vision Program Package : 

Together We Will Explore : 

  • Self-Assessment: What is happening now in your nursing career

  • Personal Career Recognition: What are your experiences 

  • Creative and Realistic Plan: Envision where you want to go moving forward in your nursing career 

  • Specific Interventions to Step forward: How will you get there

  • Evaluate the Process: What was gained, what was learned

  • ​Integration of Self Care Body Play Practices for Joy Replenishment and Sustenance 

Self-Care through Body Play Guidance for Nurses

Teach Hoopdance to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue among nurses! 

  • Do you have your own body play practice? 

  • Do you love to hoop dance (hula hoop)?

  • Do you consider yourself a Joy Advocate? 

  • Do you want to teach nurses and/or healthcare professionals Hoopdance as a holistic healing self-care body play practice for stress relief and joy replenishment? 

  • ​Learn how to teach Hoopdance online through this amazing and compressive Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training with co-facilitators Laura Anne (Shakti Sunfire) of The Rhythm Way & Sweet Caroline of The Hula Hoop Girl and get certified. To Learn more visit Teach Hoopdance

  • The Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training is offered both online and in-person and co-facilitated by Laura Anne (Shakti Sunfire) of The Rhythm Way & Sweet Caroline of The Hula Hoop Girl

We Will Explore : 

  • Once you complete the Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training Program, Sweet Caroline will serve as movement guide for your success in offering up your guidance as Joy Advocate and as Self-Care through Body Play Advocate for Nurses within your healthcare institution and within your community.

  • Caroline will guide you towards a successful experience of serving as a leader for self-care teaching hoopdance to empower nurses to practice self-care through body play and foster team play within healthcare institutions.  ​

  • Once you have completed the Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training Program, you will have 3 video call sessions with Caroline to 

    • Guide you to create your hoopdance classes lesson plans

    • Guide you through branding 101

    • Guide you through marketing your hoop dancing classes within healthcare institutions and within your community 


Nurses, Nursing Students, & Aspiring Nurse Entrepreneurs:

We came to this world to be fully embodied so to offer up our uniqueness in the world for the sake of the greater good of humanity and the Earth community. Each and every one of us are called to this healing vocation to offer up our unique healing soul-gifts through the art and discipline of nursing. Our gifts live in our hearts; we are born with them. Through our life journey we learn that the path to finding our healing gifts is truly within us, but to fully connect with and express our uniqueness in the world we need our teachers, mentors, guides, and our community to support us.

The practice and standards of nursing provides us a structure or delivery method to work in and to offer up our unique healing gifts that we carry as medicine when caring for our patients. However, expressing our uniqueness is NOT taught to us in nursing school, nor is it necessarily encouraged within our healthcare institutions. In fact, it is much the opposite. In nursing school and in many healthcare institutions we as healing healthcare professions might feel that we 'walk a tight rope' when it comes to the rules and regulations of how we ‘should' practice nursing care, which often times is supported through a fear-based model approach. Fear brings us into a state of ‘surviving’ and not in a state of ‘thriving’.  Fear brings us out of alignment with trust and for our gifts to thrive we need to work in trusting environments. When we don’t feel we can share or self-express our uniqueness (our unique soul-gifts) within the structure of nursing or within a healthcare institution, we run the risk of coming to a place in our career path where we feel burned out, where we may begin to experience the symptoms of compassion fatigue, and even worse where we may no longer find the joy in what we do and the health of our mind, body, and soul becomes compromised.

For our healing soul offerings to thrive and entirely work through us when providing nursing care, we must find the courage to share our uniqueness within the nursing profession and inside healthcare institutions.

So how do we as holistic healing healthcare professionals build the courage, the trust, and the self-empowerment to allow our healing gifts to shine through challenging healthcare models? 

How do we build upon our knowledge of nursing theory, use our personal experiences we have had in serving as a nurse, and use the personal experiences we have in working within healthcare models to allow our creativity to thrive and shine?

How do we NOT allow the many fear-based models out there in the world to keep us playing small?

We have been placed on this great Earth to offer up our truth and our unique gifts for the greater good of humanity and the earth community and we have an INCREDIBLE responsibility to live out our dreams, to share our unique gifts with the world. There is no playing small here!

I am here in service as movement guide for you to journey back home to your unique healing soul-gifts through your own creative expression. 

I am here in service to honor your uniqueness and guide you to trust what you came here to do in service of the whole.

I am here in service to honor your journey and guide you to feel empowered to share your uniqueness with the world. 

I am here in service to guide you to play BIG and to live out your wildest dreams!

Distinguished evolutionary cosmology professor and philosopher, Brian Swimme from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco once wrote, "we humans are the space where the Earth dreams.  Our personal dreams aren’t ours alone –they are the Earth dreaming through us. Our heart’s desire is the desire of the Earth –it is what Mother Earth is asking you to do."

It is essential that we as healers and as nurses, remain in direct conversation with our unique gifts through the art of creative expression and never lose sight of the work we came here to do.  We must not allow the confines of fear-based models keep us playing small, walking a tight rope, preventing us from expressing ourselves creatively, which places us at an increased risk for losing touch with the joy of what we do in service of the greater good for humanity and the Earth community.

 The conditioned belief that the work we do in this world is not always meant to be joyful is NOT true.

When we are aligned with the expression of our unique offerings for the world, joy rises and the truth of our healing gifts prevails! And everyone benefits.  

 We can and must feel joyFULL in the work we offer up in the world! I am here serving as a living example that it is possible. 

 If you feel the call and are ready to move into feeling more empowered to share your unique offerings in the world and live out your wildest dreams, take my hand, and join me.

If you would like more information and would like a
FREE Discovery Call, send me a message via the “Contact” Page and I will be happy to set up a call with you to explore if this Coaching & Mentorship Program is right for you. I would be honored to serve as your guide towards fulfilling your dreams! 

"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct." -Carl Jung

Holistic Coaching for Nurses

Embody your sweetest soul-gifts and feel inspired and empowered to share your unique rhythmic expression with the world.

Holistic Nurse Empowerment Career Path Program Package  : 

  • Review where you are in your Nursing Career Journey 

  • Create Career Goals that are Specific to your Soul Calling 

  • Develop an Exciting Plan for Reinvigorating your Nursing Career

Together We Will Explore : 

  • Review your Curriculum Vitae & Cover Letter 

  • Create a Plan for Your Career Growth Goals 

  • Provide Feedback for Your Development Forward 

  • Assess and Evaluate What Dreams YOU Crave to Manifest for your Nursing Career 

  • Integration of Self Care Body Play Practices for joy replenishment and sustenance 

The truly great advances of this generation will be made by those who can make outrageous connections, and only a mind which knows how to play can do that -Nagle Jackson 

Nurse Coaching & Mentoring Packages for Guidance & Mentorship :

  • Fine-tuning your Curriculum Vitae 

  • Creating a new career path

  • Prepping for an interview

  • New Grad Nurses needing guidance to get your nursing career started

  • Looking to change nursing specialties

  • Creating and launching your new business

  • Mentorship through Nursing School

  • Guidance on networking in nursing 

  • Become a Nurse Entrepreneur 

  • Teach Hoop Dance as a powerful self-care body play practice to nurses and healthcare professionals 

Nurse Entrepreneur Empowerment Program :

Together We Will Explore :

  • Explore your Soul Offerings as Healer, as Nurse, as Nurse Entrepreneur, as Leader within your community for the sake of Humanity and/or the Earth Community

  • Explore and Discover your Vision and Mission as a Nurse Entrepreneur 

  • Business Basics for Nurse Entrepreneurs: How to carry your message for the world to see forward

  • Branding Basics

  • Marketing Basics

  • Social Media Basics for Success 

  • Integration of Self Care Body Play practices for joy replenishment and sustenance