Marcy Jenkins

"The first time I took Caroline's class was at Windansea beach on this gorgeous Sunday. The location was breath taking. Right away I was so excited to hoop on this beach. I was a little nervous and shy and worried about how I would do but Caroline was cherry and welcoming. Right away she made me feel like we already knew each other and helped put me at ease. Right away I felt like it didn't matter how well I hooped or what I did or didn't know because it was made clear that I was there to connect my body to my hoop and help open up the hooper I am inside. The moves she taught me made me feel like a dancer and not just a hooper. The little things I had been struggling with were finally explained in a way I could truly understand and apply to my hooping. My reasoning for attending the class in the first place was to help me reconnect to my hoop. I had been struggling for months with my connection, even after hooping for almost a year and a half. I was telling myself I wasn't good enough and that I needed to "keep up" with the ninja hoppers. I had lost my fire for hooping and needed and intervention, Caroline was my intervention leader !!! It's been a week from when I took the class and I took my hoop out for the first time since then while my friends were jamming. I applied all of the wisdom she gave me about accepting the hooper I am and about not having doubts or putting myself down. Instantly I felt that connection to my hoop. I moved to my own rhythm and danced with my hoop the way I use to before I let anything get to me. I have finally accepted my groove and I don't care who sees it because I think it's beautiful. I don't put myself down for wanting to use my 32" hoops so I can slow down and just jam and I'm not jealous of those ninja hoppers either, I appreciate their dance and I appreciate mine. I will be at many more of Caroline's classes not caring who is watching us."   

Laurel Prince, RN, BSN 

“Sweet Caroline has served as a positively influential guide through my hoop dance journey, where she has lead me to reflect on the power of body play and how the practice of conscious dance movements can serve as a metaphor for my own life. Caroline deeply understands the connection between body, mind, and soul and remains deeply rooted in holding compassionate space as she guides her students to practice self reflection after body play, which can bring forth deep emotions. Ever since my first hoop dance lesson with Caroline at Windansea Beach, I have been hoop dancing almost daily. The embodied movement meditation practice of hoop dancing has released so much for me.  I have felt and forgiven memories and emotions I did not even know I carried. Caroline has been a trusting teacher and guide through this entire journey.  Her unwavering conviction, tenderness and strength have been a lighthouse for me. There have been classes that leave me feeling joyful and free as a child and she is there, celebrating with me.  There have been classes that have left me weeping and she has been there, offering compassion and holding space for decades of unfelt emotion to be released.  Her guidance, support and compassion have allowed me to go deeper into my own self-care than I ever thought was possible.  My hoop dance body play journey has been the most transformative experience of my life and has lead me to practice powerful self-love.”    

Soul Reflections from Inspiring Women

Liz DiAlto

Founder of Wild Soul Movement

"I love Caroline's classes because they're fun and you feel like you're hanging out with a sister. You leave every time with some new skills and a craving to come back for more. This is what movement should always feel like!"  

Christie Ryan

"I resisted Caroline for a long time before I let her save my life. Trapped inside fears I didn't know how to let go of, the freedom that Caroline radiated both scared and beckoned me. The day I finally invited Caroline's big love into my life, she led me through what I thought was going to be a hula hoop lesson, but quickly became a journey through the five elements of the earth. Through hooping and ecstatic dance, Caroline connected me with the earth below and the skies above and created a space in which I felt supported enough to access parts of my soul I had long ago sealed off from human touch. With her irresistible invitation to set myself free, I cast years of acquired shame into a fire we imagined in front of us, at our feet, in the sand, at the shore, and stepped into a new life. When Caroline swings a hoop around her body, it is neither merely exercise nor dance. When this sincere lover of life swirls a hoop around her body, she seems to summon the same forces of nature that makes the oceans move and the flowers grow. I imagine Caroline can also simply teach a person how to hula hoop, but I think anyone can figure that out by watching an online tutorial. Caroline is more than a teacher. She is a healer. She is a shaman. Beauty is Caroline's essence and I walk through the world shame-free because of it, because of her."    

Chelsea Joy Allen

“Hoop dancing with Caroline is so much more than a workout or a form of meditation. The experience is profound, yet playful; focused, yet freeing. Caroline creates a space to explore both body and spirit that is rooted in real compassion, real beauty, and real sisterhood. My first hoop dancing class with Caroline gave me a new appreciation for my body, a deeper understanding of my place in the world, and an unexpected connection to others in the class. I was immediately hooked and can say, without a doubt, that everyone should treat themselves to this experience.”     ​

Kadia Saraf


"I have been working closely with Caroline for several years now, developing my plan to manifest all that I want to achieve. She has tailored her work specifically for my needs since I am a single mother and I live in NYC. We conduct Skype sessions to discuss goals and achievements and hoop lessons on skype when we are apart. They are so much fun that my kids join in when they see anything related to hoop dancing. Caroline has been an integral part of my growth and the manifestation of my dreams. I have made many drastic changes in the last few years that attracted judgment from all around me but Caroline was and still is always by my side, voicing empowerment, encouragement and reason. I love my time with her and look forward to what is yet to come."   

Lacy Brooke Nuckols

"Caroline's hula hooping class touched me mentally, physically and spiritually. It was a fun, playful, and just an overall freeing experience to challenge my body to move in a different way. Caroline's passion and joy for hooping definitely shines through during class and truly inspires me. We learned several hooping techniques and Caroline made it feel totally fun and manageable for my first time. While the class was an excellent physical workout, I also left feeling energized, mentally uplifted and more spiritually connected to my soul and others in the class. I cannot wait to take another class and bring friends!"