“Once people understand what play does for them, they can learn to bring a sense of excitement and adventure back to their lives, make work an extension of their play lives, and engage fully with the world.”  -Dr. Stuart Brown


Caroline's professional experiences as an oncology nurse, hospice nurse, and her own personal experience with her mother's death at an early age, has provided her rich experiences in serving as an compassionate and empowering movement guide through the cycles of loss, the release of grief, and the replenishment of joy for healing. 

Caroline's life work is soulfully dedicated to guiding women to connect with their own unique rhythmic expressions to feel courageous and empowered with sharing their uniqueness with the world.


The Movement Mentorship Program is offered through 4 one-on-one 1-hour live video session with Sweet Caroline to guide you through your own personal movement practices for release and replenishment, exploration and discovery of your own unique rhythmic expression in relationship with the rhythms and the cycles of the earth for nourishment and healing. Guiding you to build your own self-care practices. 


We Will Explore:

  • Awakening the Divine Feminine through dream exploration, breath work and movement       

  • The 6 Intelligences used as a map to guide your earth walk  

  • The Elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Space in relationship to your inner and outer landscapes   

  • Connection with the wild feminine, explore female archetypes within your life journey   

  • Re-patterning for the expansion of possibilities   

  • Build self-care practices for sustenance