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Box of Darkness

THE SOULS GATHERED IN THIS COVEN ARE THOSE WHO HAVE FACED THEIR DARKNESS TO HEAL & IN DOING SO, ARE HEALERS. The powerful healers gathered in this coven will tell their stories of darkness: abuse, addiction, loss, failure, self-loathing, illness, grief, infertility, trauma, heartbreak, illness, dark nights of the soul & more... and how these dark times served as "pain portals" of transformation. How healing crises can lead to spiritual transformation, how entering the dark can birth us anew, how to navigate the Underworld of our lives. We have entered a stage in human evolution where all the Unsaid must be Said. This is the crux of this coven= that our stories heal. Our wounds are not our weakness. But with alchemy, our strength. We will gather together in sacred space to speak about what has been hushed by the patriarchy, that has kept our shadows and secrets under the rug. The rug has been pulled back and the universal healing crisis is upon us. We will bring human pain into light without shame. 

Caroline Cárdenas, MSN, RN, CBCN, Grief Doula will be interviewed by Sarah Durham Wilson and will be speaking on the topic of grief, death, loss and the transmutation of these human experiences towards creative action.