Self-Care Through Body Play 


Caroline serves as a joy advocate for self care through body play practices for nurses and for women's empowerment. She speaks about the power of body play as a powerful form of embodied movement meditation practice for self-exploration, self-discovery, self-expression, creativity and radical self-acceptance through joy replenishment. 

Caroline passionately speaks about the realities of the occupational hazards of burnout and compassion fatigue affecting the nursing profession and healthcare as a whole. She offers powerful interventions for preventing these occupational hazards through body play practices and team play. 


“The most significant aspect of play is that it allows us to express our joy and connect most deeply with the best in ourselves, and in others. As Freud said, life is about love and work, yet play transcends these, infuses them with liveliness and stills time’s arrow. Play is the purest expression of love.” 
-Dr. Stuart Brown